Chiropractic Success with Sciatic Pain

Some mornings the pain was just so horrific I wanted to die!  I had constant shooting and throbbing low back pain that traveled into my hip, leg and ankle when sitting or lying down.  I was unable to get out of bed, stand on my leg or even lift my feet to get dressed.  The pain would awaken me around 2 a.m. most mornings.  I would lie there and suffer until my husband would get up and help me get dressed for work.  I couldn’t focus or think properly.  I would stand in my office and at my meetings; and I had to quit my weight training and all active sports.  The medical profession provided temporary relief with medication that I had been taking for two months.  I was crushed when my medical doctor’s final advice was, “Wait until the leg goes numb and you are in a wheelchair before trying surgery.”

Thankfully I went to Dr. Eric DeRusha at Paint Creek Chiropractic in Rochester.  I work in Dearborn and it was a long drive after work to Dr. DeRusha’s office for my appointment…but it was worth the drive.  He did a thorough exam including x-rays.  He asked me about my problem and how much it impacted my life, and then offered me options for care.  Pain relief began in the first weeks and after completing Chiropractic BioPhysics care I am completely pain free.  To me, it’s a miracle!  I don’t need a blow dryer to dry my feet after taking a shower, I can lift my feet to dress, I sleep through the night and I can sit at my desk and for my meetings.  I am amazed to be playing tennis and exercising again.  The care Dr. DeRusha provided me allowed my body to heal to a point where I could really live again.

Barbara S. – patient of Paint Creek Chiropractic Center