Chronic Migraine Headaches Eliminated

Dear Headache Sufferer,

Do you know what it is like to get out of bed, almost every day, with a headache that hurts so badly, all you can do is lay in a dark room and try to sleep until it goes away?  Can you imagine this happening to an 11 year old boy and continuing for six years?

My son (who wishes to remain anonymous) started having headaches when he was in 3rd and 4th grade.  By the time he was in the 6th grade, the headaches were so severe that we had to remove him from school.  Over the course of the next six years we sought medical treatment from 6 neurologists, an ear, nose and throat specialist, an allergist, 4 physical therapists, an osteopathic family doctor who specialized in migraines, and a functional dentist who specialized in migraines.  We had his eyes tested, x-rays, CT scans of his sinuses & neck, MRI’s of his brain and neck, all resulting in no explanation as to the source of his chronic headaches.  My son was prescribed over 30 different medications.  He endured 3 days of intensive IV treatment in an attempt to stop the pain.  We had doctors try to tell us this was all in his head!  We kept his braces on a year after his bite was corrected because a headache specialist diagnosed TMJ and wanted a different bite.  We even considered acupuncture.  He tried two different chiropractors, but did not like the treatment, so we stopped.

My son was evaluated by an orthopedic spine specialist and we were told that they did not see any reason why he was suffering from these horrible headaches.  We eventually came to our own conclusion that the headaches were originating from his neck.  We tried occipital nerve blocks, which seemed to work at first, but didn’t work every time.  If the shot did not work, he would have to wait a month in order to receive another one.  That meant another month of pain and falling farther and farther behind in school and in life.  It wasn’t until I started searching for a neurosurgeon that I decided to give chiropractic care another try.  I viewed surgery as an absolute last resort.  Why did we not try chiropractic care sooner? Every medical doctor or physical therapist that I spoke with cautioned us against it.

I must admit, we were very skeptical on our first visit with Dr. DeRusha.   Even though I could see what he was explaining to me on the x-rays, there was a little voice in the back of my head that doubted this would really make a difference.  Plus, the treatment plan he outlined would require serious commitment of time and resources.  I am no longer a skeptic, but a true believer.  Not only did he thoroughly explain his treatment plan, he explained that we would be able to see results on follow up x-rays.

Now the only regret I have is that we didn’t visit Paint Creek Chiropractic years ago!  My son has missed out on so much of his teenage years.  He has had to delay getting his driver’s license and takes all of his high school classes online, because he could not meet the attendance requirements to attend public school.  We watched him suffer for years!  My family struggled with watching his pain every day.  We did not make vacation plans, because who can take a vacation while their child lies in a dark room with an ice pack on his head.  We did not go to the movies because the sound was too loud.  We did not go out to eat, or entertain guests in our home.  If our son was having a pain free day or a good day, we would hurry and try to find something fun to do.  The stress of trying to stay current with his studies was always looming.

As the mother and main caregiver, I always had hope that we would learn what was causing this almost constant pain.  I searched the internet everyday for answers or new treatment ideas, because nothing took his pain away. I was not willing to accept that this was going to be his life and his future.  Unfortunately, the stress of his care also took a toll on me.  I developed an anxiety disorder due to the constant, chronic worry that went along with my knowing he was in such pain and I could not stop it.  If he was having a good day, I had a good day.  If the pain started, I would have an anxiety attack.  We never knew why the headaches started, or what started them, or how long they would last.  Would this headache be 3 days, 8 days, or a month?  That stress and uncertainty greatly affected me.

To say that Dr. DeRusha’s treatment plan for my son has been successful is such an understatement.  I really consider Dr. DeRusha to be the miracle that my family had been searching for.  I no longer have to hide my tears from my son.  I now have true tears of joy! After just a couple of months of treatments, we started seeing a lessening of his pain.  My son is now pain free.  We saw the changes to his spine and his posture on the post treatment x-rays, visible proof that the treatment plan was accomplishing what Dr. DeRusha said needed to happen to eliminate the chronic headaches.  My son no longer wakes up every day with a migraine.  He no longer wonders if he is going to get one without any warning.  He is almost caught up with his high school class and hopes to return as a senior and graduate next spring.  He has his driver’s license and has taken his college entrance exams.  Dr. DeRusha has changed his life completely.  The pain is gone, but if he does get a headache we know that Dr. DeRusha can successfully make it disappear.

My whole family is now starting to make plans for the future that we couldn’t even imagine even earlier in this year.  Dr. DeRusha has helped not only my son but everybody who has supported us, prayed for us, and worried about him.

There is a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that defines success:

  • Success: To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether be a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded!

In my eyes, Dr. DeRusha is a very successful person.  He has made an amazing impact on my son’s life, my family’s life, and I see the impact he has on other people in his practice.  His staff is very professional, kind and caring.  Dr. DeRusha is an exceptional doctor that I would recommend to anyone who suffers from headaches of any kind.  Why would you waste one more precious day living with pain, when I have just told you that there may be hope for you.  We never gave up hope.  I am truly grateful every day that we found Dr. DeRusha.   I hope you make the decision to visit him today.


Cheryl R.

Thank you very much Cheryl for your kind words and for sharing you and your son’s experience at Paint Creek Chiropractic Center.

Chiropractic allows the nervous system to function better by removing interferences to the nervous system called subluxations.  Abnormal posture and spinal alignment create subluxations.  Improving posture and spinal alignment allows the body to heal itself through improved nervous system function.  Cheryl’s son’s improvement was due to his body and nervous system having a chance to heal itself. 

We use a method called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).  CBP uses “mirror image” posture adjusting, posture correction exercises and traction to restore a person’s posture and spinal structure to normal or as near normal as possible.  We verify the changes with before and after digital posture analysis and spinal x-rays; that way we know when a patient is finished with care.

If you are a headache sufferer and are interested in having your posture and spine evaluated to see if chiropractic may help you, call Paint Creek Chiropractic Center at (248) 601-4540 to make an appointment.  You have nothing to lose but your headaches.  We are located in downtown Rochester, Michigan.