Golf Game Improved

The following is an excerpt from an article that ran recently in Suburban Lifestyles,  a Rochester, MI weekly publication, about a patient and his experience at Paint Creek Chiropractic.

Pain Relief, Snoring Cessation and a Better Golf Game!

Paint Creek Chiropractic Patients Discover New Incentives for Chiropractic Care

William S, a Paint Creek Chiropractic Care patient since 2007, credits Dr. Eric DeRusha with – among many other things – making him a better golfer.  Schmidt had been doctoring his sports injuries through various types of treatment for 40 years before coming to Dr. DeRusha.  “I hadn’t had much luck with chiropractic care for my pain, and had sort of dismissed it as an option,” Schmidt said. “In addition to pain, I was also suffering from breathing problems.  I had been diagnosed with asthma and just thought that was the problem.  “Then, I met Dr. DeRusha at a meeting and decided to attend a seminar he was offering the following week. He got my attention rather quickly when he explained how his method differed from other chiropractic methods. He listed some of the conditions he had successfully treated; one of them was breathing problems.  It made sense to me that it could be possible that the position of my spine was causing my problems. After all, I had spent 10 hours a day, for 25 years, pinching a phone between my ear and left shoulder.  I’m sure that affected more than my neck. “During my first appointment, Dr. DeRusha showed me my X-rays and explained how the position of my spine and posture was affecting not only my breathing, but also the back pain I had lived with for decades.   I signed on for 30 treatments – and committed to 4 treatments per week, unsure if I was really going to follow through.  “After just a few treatments, I knew Dr. DeRusha was on the right track.  For the first time, I was feeling noticeably better in places that had always hurt.  Just going through a day without carrying the pain around was enough for me to fully commit to the treatment and exercise program I was given.   “I had no idea that there were other benefits in store for me.  I‘m now doing wellness care – my golf swing and my game has improved! I have more energy and the X-rays show how and why I’ve experienced such improvement in the overall way I feel – the treatments and the posture exercises work! Not only do I feel better but I can see my spine’s position improve on the x-rays.   I’m continuing because I’m committed to getting as ideal an alignment as possible – I want to see just how good I can feel!  “After 40 years, I found the right doctor whose treatments are based on a clear understanding of how the spine and muscles work, and how their alignment – or misalignment -   affects a person’s health and well-being.  But, as I mentioned earlier, Dr. DeRusha’s treatment is based on how my spine and posture affects my health and well-being. In other words, the personal approach he takes to providing spinal care is unique, credible and very refreshing – and it works!”